Roofing Sales Salary Range

Roofing Sales Salary Range

Roofing Sales Salary Range

Roof sales salary ranges are highly dependent upon skill level, location, and years of experience. ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout the US to help you find your next high-paying job as a roofing sales representative.

If you want to attract top sales professionals, offer a flat commission structure. It’s an effective way to motivate them to work harder, generate more leads, and go above and beyond for their customers.

Commission structure

One of the primary concerns for roofing business owners is how to pay their sales reps. There are various commission systems available, and some work better than others.

A standard and straightforward sales model to monitor is a percentage-based one, in which sales reps are paid a certain percentage of each job sold. Depending on how much you want to pay your roofing sales team, this can be an effective way of incentivizing them to produce more jobs.

Selecting a commission structure is critical in attracting top roof sales professionals to your company. But it’s also essential to decide what results you want to achieve and how your team will be rewarded for reaching those targets.


To become a roofing salesperson, you need a variety of skill sets. These include education and experience in customer service. Furthermore, negotiation abilities and the capacity to communicate clearly must be acquired.

Finding roofing sales jobs can be found through job postings and employment agencies. You may also search for roofing companies online and contact them directly to inquire about available positions.

Experienced roofing salespeople usually earn more than entry-level employees, though you can start as a salesperson without prior experience. Many roofing companies provide on-the-job training to new employees, so they learn their job functions. You may have the chance to shadow an experienced salesperson and learn from them as well.


Roofing sales is a field that requires travel, and you may be well compensated for it. Companies typically provide benefits like health insurance, paid vacation, and sick days, as well as company trucks and gas cards.

The exact compensation of this job may vary based on your territory, but it should always be enough to support a family. To be an effective roofing salesperson, you must persuade potential customers to invest in your company’s products and services. Furthermore, having a strong work ethic and being able to cope with competition from larger firms with larger budgets, is necessary for success.

Selecting the ideal commission structure for your roofing sales reps should be a top priority, but don’t let competitors outpace you. The most crucial metric is making sure you offer competitive pay in your niche and then taking care of all ancillary needs promptly.


Insurance sales agents typically earn commissions, plus bonuses if their agency meets certain objectives. These incentives can differ from company to company but usually depend on a percentage of gross profits.

As an agent, you can expect to make a reasonable income during your first year. This depends on how much product you sell and how well-suited your sales skills are.

With experience, you are better positioned to negotiate your salary effectively. Your career length also plays a significant role in determining your overall compensation package.

The average Insurance Sales Representative’s salary in the United States is $50,296 annually; however, salaries in some cities may be higher than this national median figure.

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